Quarterly Journal: No 29, High/Low Issue

Featuring: J.T. Price, Katherine Angel, Brian Lin, Rachel Genn, Donald Rayfield, Andrew Nicholls, Alex Scordelis, Gar Anthony Haywood, Michael M. Weinstein, Victoria Chang, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Forrest Gander, Ashwini Bhat, Threa Almontaser, Tyree Daye, Erin Aubry Kaplan

Featured Artists: Eric N. Mack, Nancy Lupo, Celia Herrera Rodríguez, Wendy Red Star



The theme of this issue is “High/Low” and, fittingly, we at LARB feel two ways about it. On the one hand, we’re truly floating high. The pieces in these pages tackle everything from fine art to the latest Hollywood productions from exciting, unusual angles, putting disparate genres and themes into fruitful conversation with each other. Here fiction and nonfiction, architecture and photography, songcraft and poetry, crime writing and comedy mingle freely without jostling for a loftier hierarchal position. Indeed, the current issue perfectly embodies LARB’s central aims — aims we’ve followed for 10 lively years: to break down traditional barriers and to encourage a rigorous yet openminded and soulful engagement with the broader culture.

So what’s to feel low about? Simple. With this issue we’re bidding farewell to Medaya Ocher, LARB’s brilliant longtime Managing Editor, under whose imaginative and discerning leadership the Quarterly Journal became what it is: one of the most groundbreaking, consistently surprising, unfailingly rewarding literary venues in the nation. We take comfort in the knowledge that Medaya is moving on to bigger and brighter things, and though our world will be less luminous without her, we’ll make sure that the Quarterly Journal continues to shine.

Boris Dralyuk, Editor-in-Chief, and Sonia Ali, Managing Editor